drylands agriculture...PLEASE...content or kill the thread

mangodance bmn at iglou.com
Thu Aug 24 18:17:42 EDT 2000

I've been lurking and wishing the complaint thread would go away
and people might actually discuss the info.  Sure, she made a
mistake.  It inconvenienced a lot of folks.  she apologized.  At
what point do the folks on this list feel that she's been
punished enough or that the negativity should cease?  Right after
she apologized she asked about whether people had noticed the
content.  She was then called into question regarding her motive
and languae used in *that* post (whether she was guilt-tripping
the rest of us).  I have to admit I've only been on the list for
just under a year or so but this sort of bickering one doesn't
expect from a group like this.  Frankly, aside from one or two
public complaints, this would have been best handled with
*direct* email to her.  People complaining of cluttered
mailboxes, cluttered the list to complain about it (and
then...there's my post...complaining about complaining <grin>). 
At least one person has stepped up and told her about how to
properly send this info.  *THIS* is how I would expect a group of
educators to react... at least publicly.  The only reason I add
to the muck is that there seems to have been a new charge of
intent to transmit guilt.  Typically, online complaint threads
tend to take on a life of their own until the thread gets so
massive people start quitting listservs or newsgroups.  Please
think about this when hitting the reply button.  That's my $.02,

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