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Graham Burnett gburnett at unisonfree.net
Thu Aug 24 14:21:16 EDT 2000

> Under the circumstances it would be more than fair to ask Marsha to
> pay the telco toll you incurred for the download of her unwanted post.
> She could buy you a  year's PA subscription; easily done by smail.

...and for the bottle of scotch I drunk afterwards to calm my nerves!!!

no seriously, I think Marsha has learned her lesson and been suitably chastised, and a day later
it's all in perspective a bit, i've just been reading 'don't sweat the small stuff' by richard
carlson (co-incidentially, not because of Marsha's Marvelous email!!!) , and hey, does this really
matter in the big scheme of things?

keep up the good permaculture work marsha, and I'm still speaking to you!


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