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	I guess I made an error in attempting to keep my original 
message about the Permaculture Credit Union opening so brief.  To 
help clear up your question, I've taken the following questions and 
answers from the Frequently Asked Questions page on our web site.

Q.	What is the Permaculture Credit Union?
A.	The Permaculture Credit Union is a credit union of members 
dedicated to the following ethics of

Q.	How is the Permaculture Credit Union different from a bank?
A.	The Permaculture Credit Union is a nonprofit financial 
cooperative. It is solely owned and democratically controlled by its 
individual members, as opposed to a bank, which is often run by 
outside stockholders. As a PCU member/owner, your account represents 
your shares in the PCU, with each dollar equaling one share.

Q.	Why should I invest my money in the Permaculture Credit Union?
A.	The Permaculture Credit Union is made up of members who have 
made the decision to invest and control their money in a financial 
institution that follows their code of ethics, not the ethics or 
investment strategies of an outside stockholder group.

Q.	Can anyone become a member of the Permaculture Credit Union?
A.	Yes, as long as you are in the "field of membership" of the 
Permaculture Credit Union. Our field of membership includes those 
persons who have completed a Permaculture recognized design course, 
are members of an affiliated Permaculture Institute and/or subscribe 
to the ethics of Permaculture.

Q.	What kind of services will be available from the Permaculture 
Credit Union?
A.	For the first year the Permaculture Credit Union will be 
offering share (savings) accounts, certificates (certificates of 
deposit), and loans.

Q.	How soon will the Permaculture Credit Union be able to make loans?
A.	Like most new credit unions, the Permaculture Credit Union 
will make loans based on the amount of our deposits. The sooner we 
take in sufficient deposits, the sooner we can make loans. We are 
projecting loans will be made by Fall 2000.

	I should add that as part of our member education services, 
we will be emphasizing sustainability and permaculture ethics as 
applied to our loan program.  These issues are being discussed by the 
board and loan committee.  If you would like to have your ideas 
considered by the board of directors and committees, take a look at 
the answer to the second question listed above and join the 
Permaculture Credit Union.

	Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to having you 
as a member.

	Phil Vergamini

>What about this makes it a "permaculture" credit union?  its not 
>really clear at
>yr website.  will you make loans to permaculture projects?

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