permaculture digest: August 05, 2000

rick valley bamboogrove at
Mon Aug 14 17:55:41 EDT 2000

> I was told that "Beauty is not a function". I
>don't know if many pc designers think of shape/ size/ color balance when
>designing say a community garden. It just must be pretty because of the
>use of natural material - plants.  Is it always? Maybe that is what
>makes some professionals to avoid permaculture - the funky appearance of
>many sites?
This is a favorite point of mine. Who gets to definethis beauty beast? I walk
in beauty, and my designs are always beautiful, and I am continually adding
to and increasing their beauty. But my criteria for beauty include many items
that don't register on the scale in any garden or landscaping magazine I have
ever seen. I have had several very good vegetable growers tell me they pull
dandelions (Taraxacum) because they are ugly! I have never heard anyone
criticize Pc as lacking in the esthetic dimension and yet furnish a
definition of beauty that resonates for me. 
A good design surprises you continually with its own spontaneous, autocthonos
beauty. Can you imagine to control it?!

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