permaculture digest: July 31, 2000

Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflondon at
Mon Aug 7 10:42:19 EDT 2000

On Mon, 07 Aug 2000 12:23:35 +0100, Judith Hanna <jehanna at>

>What I find valuable about this international list is the digging into the
>complications and inner messiness of permacultural concepts. I also belong
>the the permaculture UK list, which has more of the practical 'getting
>started' information exchange. (Myk: I think I may have lost contact with
>the AL list you set up at one stage -- or is it that list that has gone

If you're talking about alt.permaculture, that's a hopeless, useless
mess of a forum, as you'll soon find out over a week or two of reading
it. They don't seem to have enough self-discipline to restrain from
unfettered indulgence in the most trivial sort of chatter and
silliness. Its a total loss, afaic, but maybe with a  boycott it may
eventually evolve into something useful for serious permaculturists.

>Lance highlights the need for keeping these two sorts of discussion

I don't believe he implied that at all.

> -- are there other lists that focus on the 'getting into
>permaculture' practical experience sharing? 

That's what _this_ list is for.

> Should the list custodians set
>up two separate lists? 

Absolutely not; there's no need for such a thing.

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