permaculture digest: July 31, 2000

Judith Hanna jehanna at
Mon Aug 7 07:23:35 EDT 2000

Lance Roseman wrote: 
> I find this
>whole topic (who owns what and who gets what from whom
>when) to be quite a big put-off.  I might as well just
>use the techniques and call the whole thing
>'lancescaping' and just ignore all of this gibberish. 
>We are too far along the pathway of no return to
>squabble about ownership and copyrights.  PERIOD.  
>    .. Permaculture is
>about_____, ....
>Sign me off

What I find valuable about this international list is the digging into the
complications and inner messiness of permacultural concepts. I also belong
the the permaculture UK list, which has more of the practical 'getting
started' information exchange. (Myk: I think I may have lost contact with
the AL list you set up at one stage -- or is it that list that has gone

Lance highlights the need for keeping these two sorts of discussion
separate -- are there other lists that focus on the 'getting into
permaculture' practical experience sharing? Should the list custodians set
up two separate lists? 

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