Reliability of knowledge (was: High purity religion)

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Sat Aug 5 09:04:36 EDT 2000

A recent study of people newly diagnosed with Parkinson's disease
has found that home pesticide use and exposure is associated with an
increased risk of developing the disease. The study, led by Lorene
Nelson, Ph.D., a neuroepidemiologist at Stanford University's School
of Medicine, in Palo Alto, California, is the largest ever of
individuals with newly diagnosed Parkinson's, and the first to show
an association between home pesticide use and the risk of developing
Parkinson's disease.

my mom has Parkinson's and I charge the USDA with murder.  they say they
have the safest food yet they grow the food in Parkinson's causing
pesticides.  and now they are changing life as we know it on earth with
their release of GMOs .  they can not control them.  they kill for money and
market share.  they should all be hung starting with that smiley face head .
I want to get to the bottom of who paid off who.   when they 1st introduce
GMOs folks that worked for the chemical company went to work for the USDA.
we all know that they are in bed together.   with laws like no chemical
trespass they can get away with murder.

they release stuff and no one is responsible.  I charge the USDA with murder
.  and they don't care they go on with the wickedness. .  releasing new
stuff all the time and keeping stuff proven to cause harm to those that come
in contact with it .  herbicides in the water , pesticides in baby food and
now they are changing the DNA of life itself.  putting pesticides right in
the DNA ..  you can not wash off DNA.  you can not wash off pesticides with
herbicide water.  some one must be responsible.  No one takes the
responsibility.  that is the problem.  When I see my poor mom and hear the
head of the USDA say organic food is not safer i know what liars they are.
and they want to force other countries to partake in this genocide.

Exposure to garden insecticides carried a 50% increased risk of the
disease, according to the study. Among herbicide users, risk of
developing Parkinson's increased as the number of days that people
were in contact with herbicides accumulated.   and herbicide is in the
drinking water they bath in it.  .   and the  USDA release GMOs that allow
even more herbicides use.
the information is coming in now and yet no one will take the responsibility
instead they kill of the organic grower and uplift the wicked .    we are
finding every day that the stuff they are doing to your food and water will
kill you and you will die a horrible death.  yet their is no one to charge.
our society has already made some very important
> implicit(and not always obvious) decisions about
> property rights that lead to possible externalities like
> GMO pollen drift.
> for example, "we" have decided that farmers have the
> right to spray pesticides and grow GMOs; consumers do
> not have the  right to pesticde-free water or GMO pollen
> free-air. automobile owners have the right to belch our
> exhaust into the air; citizens do not have the right to
> clean air. we do not confer such rights on a religious
> basis; I wish we did. I'd state my religion demands that
> I be free of a world of hatred, violence, environmental
> degradation and poverty. poof! all problems solved
> why do we confer rights in this way? who decided it? if
> we consumers had those rights, we could force farmers to
> stop using these products or compensate us. we pay for
> the effects while they reap the benefit. it is an
> example of market failure, when the true cost of an
> activity is not reflected in its price. there is no
> market for clean air or a GMO-free environment in the
> future, so users of these products push the costs onto
> all of us (while we stock up on the "cheap food")
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