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Here is a person who is working in the States, developing  spiral tubes for domestic water revitalization , based on Schauberger's studies...


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Welcome to the first edition of
~ Subtle News ~
1) Welcome: 
2) Testing revitalized Water on egg yolks and on hard Water 
3) Russian scientific testing of the Original Water Revitalizer 
4) A new Water technology coming out of Turkey called Perfect Science. 
5) General Health Alert: Aspartame 
6) The next issue of ~ Subtle News ~ 
1) Welcome: 
Welcome to Nordic Living Water Systems first issue of  ~ Subtle News ~ 
and thank you for your interest and support in receiving this. 
If you have any technical advice in regards to this newsletter, please email me. 
As you may have seen on our web site and from other sources Water is 
much more than the scientific term H2O indicates. 
Water is involved in all of life's processes and we only know very 
little about its deeper nature and how it is functioning in all its aspects. 

It is very difficult to conduct research on these aspects in 
laboratories when Water is removed from its natural environment. 
There is, however some testing that can be done and more ways will be discovered. 

2) Testing revitalized Water on egg yolks. 
In the midsummer of 1999 I took 5 glass containers with revitalized 
Water and dumped an egg yolk in each. 
Then I took 5 glass containers and filled them up with regular tap Water, 
dumped an egg yolk in each and screwed all the lids on. 

I left all 10 containers on a shelf in the kitchen with 2-3 meters 
between the revitalized ones and the regular ones to prevent any 
'jump' of energy influencing the test samples. 

They were standing there for about a month before they started smelling 
bad. I then relocated them to the cellar and had them there for an additional 
45 days. After 2 1/2 months I took them up to the toilet and emptied them out. 

There was a vast difference in smell. The ones in regular Water smelled 
like a rotten egg should smell. So awful that it makes you sick to your stomach. 
This is the body's automatic self defense response when the respiratory 
functions are threatened. 

When I smelled the samples with revitalized Water the smell was causing 
no such reactions in the body. 
The smell was very different. It was like a smell from some cream or 
mayonnaise, which had gone old, but didn't stink due to preservatives. 
Not a pleasant smell and not appalling either. 

The conclusion from this experiment is that very different types of 
microorganisms are present in the the samples. 
In the non-revitalized samples anaerobic organisms are at play thriving in a 
rotting environment and in the revitalized samples aerobic organisms are 
at play in an environment with plenty of oxygen. 
Anaerobic microorganisms live without oxygen whereas aerobic 
microorganisms are oxygen dependent. 

Another interesting aspect is the fact that the lids were on all the samples for 2 1/2 months. 
Oxygen was only available in the revitalized samples. 
This supports the conclusion we received from Cassandra Belisle, 
Kirlian Photographer, Belisle Management Group where she states: 

"What the "Original Water Revitalizer" does is positively 
charge the water creating a better oxygen deliverance and activating the 
trace minerals present in the water and giving them a positive charge 
for easy assimilation into the blood stream." 

Hard Water. 
When you have a Water Revitalizer you can do this test yourself 
and please share the results with us. 
If you have hard Water giving you problems with mineral build up you can 
test your Water Revitalizer in this way. You take a container e.g. a glass jar, 
coffee machine or kettle with mineral build-up on the inside. Fill it up with revitalized 
Water and let it stand somewhere at room temperature in the shade for a month or two 
without moving it. 

What I saw in my case was a 1-2 mm layer of calcium and algae built-up, 
which was dissolved into flakes and it looked as if it would be very smelly. 
It smelled fresh. When I emptied the jar and filled it up once again and emptied 
it a second time I was looking at shining squeaky clean glass. 

This was from just standing with this high natural frequency Water for 1-2 months. 
This represents a great challenge and inspiration for an advanced lab. 
It also represents great relief for people in hard Water areas who has been using 
chemicals to obtain a softer Water with all the health hazards involved in that method. 
They now have a much more healthy and environmentally friendly solution. 

It is my wish that researchers with access to suitable equipment 
will find time to research these and other phenomena. 

3) Russian scientific testing of the Original Water Revitalizer 
using UV Spectroscopy. 

August 17th, 1999. 

"Dear Nordic Living Water Systems, 

 Simply saying, the data we have obtained suggest the 
following preliminary conclusions that you can post 
at your research page: 
(We did: http://www.alivewater.net/pages/Research.html#rus1) 
UV spectroscopy studies performed in our laboratory indicate 
that passing of water through the Original Water Revitalizer does 
result in certain changes in its structure probably towards the 
formation of clusters. Furthermore and the most interestingly, these 
changes are observed not only in the Water directly treated in the WR 
but also in the remaining part of the Water system previously being in 
contact with the portion passed through WR. The change in UV spectra of 
the samples passed through WR are the most significant and the values 
for the rest of the aqueous system after WR treatment (e.g. liquid from 
the flask after a part of its content was treated by WR) are 
intermediate between those for the initial liquid before revitalizing and 
for the directly revitalized part." 

           Best regards, 

            Dr. Sergey Mjakin 

You can review the rest of their letter at: 
This research indicates and supports the environmental benefit of the 
Original Water Revitalizer. 

When revitalized Water is returned back to the environment, it continues 
to impact the Water it gets into contact with by giving off its higher and 
naturally beneficial frequencies. 

In the home of the inventor there is no longer the usual re-occurring 
problem with sludge build-up. There is no longer anything to remove. 
Prior to using the WR, he would have to remove a whole barrow full of 
sludge once a year. I am looking forward to see how a whole village or 
any other smaller community will respond to having all their Water 
revitalized when it comes to sewage treatment. 

4) A new Water technology coming out of Turkey called Perfect Science. 

I also wish to inform you about a new Water technology coming out of 
Turkey called Perfect Science. This company might have a method, which 
will be able to clean up our environment in a very fast yet profound way. 
I have personally already tried the product they have for human consumption. 

It is a little bottle with what they call Living Water and you are to 
add the content to a gallon of your normal tap Water. 
I did this except my tap Water naturally is revitalized already using 
the Original Water Revitalizer and I did not experience any  added value 
nor effect of the Perfect Science Water except it is a cloudy substance and it 
made soap like bubbles in my Water. 

I am not suggesting it does not work though. I am optimistic about the positive 
effect of this product. If any of you have experiences with 
this product I am interested in hearing about it. 

They have produced a special Water type for environmental application, 
which will clean up lakes, rivers and oceans in a short time. 
Part of their technology is to add three negative electrons 
to each Water molecule. You can read more about it at this url: 

If this product is for real you will see more in coming issues of ~ Subtle News ~. 

I received two microscope photos showing the difference between the 
Perfect Science Water and regular Water in regards to bio photons and at first I thought 
it was copies of my own identical photos from my web site! (just joking) 

You can view the bio photon pictures Dr. David Schweitzer made for us on 
our research page. http://www.alivewater.net/pages/Research.html 
I will see if I can get permission to post the Perfect Science pictures 
as well on the web. 
I intend to make a web page to archive ` Subtle News ~ 

I have for a few years now strongly believed we are to see emerging new 
technologies, which will be able to solve ALL ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS. 
Perfect Science (great name, isn't it) could be just one of these promising 
technologies. If it isn't I am confident many others will surface and the time to surface is NOW. 

We all need to do whatever is within our power to re-establish sanity on this planet. 
I know most people have a hard time just surviving in their daily lives 
and this makes it even more difficult to pay attention to what needs to be done. 

The most important thing is to become aware of ways to turn our society 
around and direct it into a more environmentally responsible mode of action. 

Everybody can contribute in this matter with whatever little or big 
initiative they can take. 
You can start supporting your local organic farmers even when you find 
their prices are too high. I promise you that if you take the effort of paying these 
higher prices now you will soon, within a few years, experience the prices going 
down as such products get more popular and in demand. 

This means less pollution in the soil and in the ground Water. Also approximately 
one third less water is needed for irrigation due to better soil quality. Good! 

5) General Health Alert: 
I have chosen to inform you about Aspartame, which is used in numerous 
daily products including diet coke. Aspartame is sold by Monsanto Chemical Co. as 
NutraSweet and EQUAL, and now under other names by other producers. 

Aspartame is a molecule composed of three components: aspartic acid, 
phenylalanine and methanol. Once ingested, the methanol (wood alcohol that has killed or 
blinded thousands of skid row drunks) converts to formaldehyde, then formic acid 
[ant sting poison]. Formaldehyde is deadly embalming fluid, a Class A Carcinogen. 
 Phenylanine and aspartic acid are toxic when unaccompanied by the other amino 
acids in proteins. Aspartic acid caused brain lesions in experimental animals. 

The FDA report listed 92 documented symptoms, including: 

 Numbness    Headaches   Fatigue      Vertigo     Nausea    Palpitations 

 Weight Gain Dizziness   Irritability Anxiety     Memory Loss Blurry Vision 
 Rashes      Seizures    Blindness    Tinnitus    Joint Pain  Depression 

 Hearing     Spasms      Addiction    Loss of     Insomnia    Weakness 
 Loss                                 Taste 

Now you might think the FDA has stopped this billion dollar product from Monsanto; 
but this has not happened. You can read more about Aspartame/NutraSweet on this url: 

NutraSweet is found in thousands of foods and on every restaurant table, 
so use your eyes while you still can! 

6) The next issue of ~ Subtle News ~ . 

The next issue of ~ Subtle News ~ will hopefully be published 
within the next month or so depending upon the amount and quality of 
the information we have to share with you. 

One topic you will be able to read about is the combination of 
using the CETs and the Original Water Revitalizer, which will 
include something about Water's memory and the use of it. 

I hope to have more information about Perfect Science and possibly 
some more results from the Russian Institute in regards to their 
of the Original Water Revitalizer. 

I wish to thank you for reading and subscribing to ~ Subtle News ~ and 
if you feel like sharing your thoughts about this newsletter with me I 
would appreciate receiving an email from you. 
Do you have any questions? Click on mailto:info at alivewater.net 

Kind Regards 


Nordic Living Water Systems 

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Nordic Living Water Systems 
Mikael Lund 


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Toll Free Order line: 1~888~644~7754 within North America. 
Please see our contact info-page where the new address will 
be available as well as any corrections. 

Mikael Lund 

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