What a rip off don't let this happen

sal sals at rain.org
Tue Apr 25 17:45:36 EDT 2000

let me say something.  when I became certified I paid a certifier and that
was ok then the inspection when up and the inspector was getting 25 to 35 an
hour gas travel expenses motel room and I said ok then the state of Ca. said
if u want to be organic you must register and start paying us and now the
fed gov says ok =u are not supporting enough bottom feeders you can also pay
us.  and every one of them charges what the market will bear.  it is nuts .
I say my certifier was enough my customors trusted CCOF and getting in bed
with the USDA and the State and putting even more people in made jobs in
line for my money does little cost much.  . every year they line up and if
you make one mad he can make your life hell and they do.  you think a stamp
makes u organic think again.  the food stands on it own if it is organic it
is I don't care how many bloodsuckers u pay off.  these folks  do not have
to bring in a crop they do not have to hoe or mow or pay land payment or
property tax they and because I am organic I get folks lining up every year
year after year for what .  why so many I feel it is a way to steal my money
for protection.  that's is how the Mafia works. and other low life's.   now
if your not going to trust my certifier or my inspector or a residue test
then how many pencil pushing bottom feeders in made jobs to I have to pay
off . I am forced to pay just because I am organic.  the organic Gestapo is
getting nuts and I have been to meetings and what do these folks always say
'let the farmer pay for it".  its nuts  I was inspected twice in one week
once by the state and once by CCOF is that nuts or what.  like I pay for
both of them so this guy is getting 35 dollars a hour from me and I get
nothing but lose time and money and then three day later here it comes
again.  the farmer should not have to pay off so many people just to show he
is organic and then on top of ;all this the head of the USDA says organic is
no better than  conventional no safer for man or the earth so how does he
the head of the USDA and now the head of organicness justify this big rip
off of the farmer for something he says is not safer.  .  this force
certification to use the word organic has become a big hole for the small
farmer to dump money into.  everyone's  want in our pocket .  I say you will
all be sorry when u see how nuts its getting.  the price keeps going up and
up and there is no end in sight , you have less and less rights do more and
more paper work and got more and more powertriping bosses just because u
grow organic.  It should not cost me anymore than any other farmer just
because I am organic. Not one cent.   I am getting tried of having to prove
I am telling the truth every year like because i farm organic I must be
lying.  after 15 years or --you get tired and can see the games coming and
this is a USDA takeover of the word organic  and a tax on organic growers
and the burden is a game.  how many pencil pushing folks in made jobs do we
have to bow down to.   just say no to making the farmer pay again this time.

don't worry the organic farmer will pay for all this and force of law will
see to it all the turnip bleeders will get full.  we were sold out and it
may take a while or so to manifest this USDA takeover but in time u will see
organic will be a political football subject to back door money and under
the table money and hard money and soft money .  sold out  they gave our
word organic away .  we need our money .   How many How much and will it
ever stop.  Just say NO don't take one cent from the organic grower  not one

check out an organic farmers homepage
sals at rain.,org
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> Dear Ava,
> Thanks for your clear explanation of the current 'organic' state of play
> US. Your final para is absolutely right -- changing the overall system
> means working within it, including making available the resources for the
> 'organic standards' body to sustain its work.
> Judith
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> >Sal:
> >
> >I have to state that I honestly believe we have gotten what we asked for.
> >But there is an Action Alert as the new proposed organic standards will
> >be final until after June 12

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