Prickly Pear Question

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Fri Apr 21 23:16:08 EDT 2000

Sorry, I don't understand what's funny about 'or scorch them in flames.'
Where I am from ranchers scorch prickley pear with flames when there is a
drought so that cattle can eat them.

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> On 04/19/00, ""Marsha Hanzi" <hanzibra at>" wrote:
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> > > If you do get some, please be wary of the little devils, wear some
> > > thick gloves when handling, don't get them on your clothes and
> > > peel them
> >
> > Or scortch them in flames....
> >
> > Marsha
> I'm sorry folks, but I just had to reply to Marsha's observation.  When I
> read 'or scortch them in flames', I never laughed so hard, sitting here
> alone with my computer.
> Thanks, Marsha, for adding a little levity to the beginning of my day!
> Blessings,
> Ava
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