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FYI, Steve Solomon has just uploaded this great book to the Soil and 
Health Library. It's public domain, so you can download it.

Krasil'nikov, N.A. "Soil Microorganisms and Higher Plants". Academy 
of Sciences of the USSR, Moscow 1958. Translated in Israel by Dr. Y. 

This, the ultimate study of the microbial process in soil, is one of 
the most important books in the library. It has been little known 
since its publication. Rendering it into html took hundreds of 
tedious and rewarding hours. The book contains 100 photographic 
illustrations and heaps of tables, so downloading the chapters can be 
a bit time consuming. Here's my "take" on this book. In the Soviet 
Union of the 30s, 40s and 50s, industrial production was scanty. Had 
Soviet agronomic research focused on chemicals spread voluminously, 
the remedies could not have been implemented. So Krasil'nikov focused 
on the biological process, and he found ways to improve plant growth 
by crop rotation and the production of special composts and microbial 
ferments of the sort that could be produced by the farmer in an old 
barrel. All these solutions are based on a very high-level 
understanding of the microbial process in soil and the interactions 
between soil microbes with each other, of how crop species interact 
with each other via long-lasting soil residues (root exudates), and 
how plants and microbes interact with each other. Soil Microorganisms 
and Higher Plants is public domain material. Anyone wishing to 
publish the book in print on paper is invited to contact this 
library. They will receive all possible assistance. Apologies in 
advance for the many errors that must be in the html text.


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