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>  I've been operating a portable bandsaw mill and selling hardwood lumber
>  eight years. If anyone has any questions about the subject, you can write
>  me off- (or on-) list and I'll try and find time to answer them. (If you
>  were wondering, I only do salvage and exotic wood--no clearcut logs--and
>  now selling almost exclusively Certified ecologically harvested local

I am in need of some "expert sawyer advice" on what all needs to be done to
have two very large (but near dead) white ash trees milled into large beams
for a timber frame structure. I understand ash (like oak) will twist, warp,
bend alot when drying so was looking for ways to mill it to preserve it for
long term use, and use it as efficiency as possible.

Im going to have it milled into oversize beams (say 9x9s) let it dry then
have it remilled down then planed after it dries/checks a bit. I plan on
building a workshop structure with a mix of 6x6, 8x8 and 6x8s beams.

What part of the world are you are in? Is there a web site where I can find
people with portable sawmills to get quotes?

Thanks in advance, feel free to reply privately as this is not exactly a
permaculture topic...

>  Hope this helps,
>  Mikal      

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