Plant based latex

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A friend who lives in an area that used to have lots of milkweed on her farm
says last year she spotted only one milkweed on a neighboring farm's soybean
field.....she harvested the seed and spread them far and wide hoping this
year they will be back en masse.
Here's an alarm most of you may already be aware of....reason some
harvesting of wild plants could be regulated:THIS STRESSES ME OUT -- I NEED
The growing popularity of herbal medicine, particularly in Western
countries, is threatening the survival of a number of valuable wild plants,
according to delegates to the U.N. Convention on International Trade in
Endangered Species, meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, this week.  Trade in at least
14 plants is already regulated because demand for herbal medicine is putting
pressure on the species, and another six, including Asian ginseng, are being
considered for regulation.  Up to 600 kilograms of Asian ginseng are
smuggled each year out of Russia, one of the few places where the plant
grows.  Illegal gathering of North American ginseng is also a problem. 
Poachers recently cleaned out all the healthy wild ginseng populations in
the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina.

straight to the source:  Planet Ark, Reuters, Kieran Murray, 04.14.00
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>After all the irrelevant chit-chat on this list, at last something of
>permacultural value! Thank you, Ava.

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