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> Scott:
> I'm glad I got to your message before I left this site.  It was starting to
> seem just a little too wierd for me.  That's saying alot, since among other
> things, I'm an herbalist, healer and generally, very spiritual.  I do
> always 'set my intention', but hey, I live in and of this world and even I
> have limits.

Me too, believe it or not, the 'zone 6' discussion was just that, a meander around some topics &
exploration of ideas- not necessarily ones I strongly hold to myself ( a bit of the devils advocate
in there...), like probably most of the people on the list I'm all for Permaculture being firmly
grounded in the real world of observable principles & design strategies, though there's side of me
that says nature is so incredible there's got to be some 'other' force at work here, call it
spiritual if you want, but like scott said, I think you cannot but help pick that up anyway on a
design course...


Graham Burnett
35 Rayleigh Avenue
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South East Essex LETS

> Thank you for bringing this back into the realm of logic and fostering
> 'good will'.
> Blessings,
> Ava
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