Zone 6 (fwd)

Scott Macpherson scootermac315 at
Thu Apr 6 17:58:53 EDT 2000

Thanks Ava!  Nice of you to write. :)

Take Care,


--- Ava Devenport <essenheal at> wrote:
> Scott:
> I'm glad I got to your message before I left this
> site.  It was starting to 
> seem just a little too wierd for me.  That's saying
> alot, since among other 
> things, I'm an herbalist, healer and generally, very
> spiritual.  I do 
> always 'set my intention', but hey, I live in and of
> this world and even I 
> have limits.
> Thank you for bringing this back into the realm of
> logic and fostering 
> 'good will'.
> Blessings,
> Ava
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