"shipmast" black locust

Mikal Jakubal mjakubal at asis.com
Tue Apr 4 23:26:39 EDT 2000

Just reading the 1983 International Permaculture Seed Yearbook, and came
across a reference to a "shipmast" strain of black locust that supposedly
grows straight. Anyone know where to get seeds of this or any similar
straight-habit strain? I figured it would be easier to ask here first,
before writing to the contacts in the journal which are by now 13 years old.

I make my living with a portable sawmill. I've cut lots of locust--mostly
from old homesteads that were being bulldozed for malls and such. It's
wonderful wood, but really prone to defects in the log. Long, clear and
wide lumber commands a premium price with boat builders. No one plants it
anymore, it seems, so I've been planning to do a small seedling nursery and
give them away or sell them cheap just to encourage their reproduction.
I've also planted a bunch on my place, and want to plant more. I can't help
but think of the trees in 100 years when they blow over or are cut for
whatever reason. A locust that grows straight will be much appreciated by
someone a few generations from now. Same with black walnut. Hardly anyone
plants them. Everyone should stick one of each in some out of the way
corner just so future generations have the beautiful wood available.


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