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I also read that, found it interesting; also read "The Body Language of

Traditional trainers (including the one I use) caution against this
technique; it lulls the uninitiated into thinking that they have control of
the horse at that point, and puts them at significant risk of injury for
lack of real horse understanding.

A half-hour in a round pen won't make you the real alpha horse; you haven't
fought the animal over food and mates yet.  The exercise with the goose was
different, and the goose doesn't weigh 1200 pounds.

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> I just read  the book "The man who Listens to Horses" where  the author
> learned to  tame and train young horses by imitating the  body language of
> horses he observed in the wild-- no whips, no trauma, complete trust
> man and animal.
> Marsha

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