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Tue Sep 7 16:47:32 EDT 1999

On Tue, 7 Sep 1999 06:57:17 -0700, Toby Hemenway
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>What are hornets'
>natural controls and can I take steps to encourage their presence? Why
>isn't the planet waist deep in hornets? What's a nice permacultural,
>ecological approach to this?

Ah yes. I had forgotten.
A powerful shop-vac on a long extension cord.
Us the large diameter hose plus several (2 or more)
extensions with no tip attachment. Move in on them slowly so they get
used to the changing air currents; then in they go. Then you can air
freight the lot of them, vac & all, to Dan in Florida.

The bigger the vac the quicker you can catch them; might even be worth
them time spent as you could get a few thousand in an hour's work. If
you can find the nest(s) you job will be easier. They will just hang
around the nest as you suck them in. Wear a bee viel, long sleeves and
gloves, rubber banded wrists and ankles.

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