Sustainability - A Not So Brief Definition

eric + michiko emstorm at
Wed Sep 1 10:49:03 EDT 1999

Prompted by the recent definition of sustainable, I decided to give it a
try.  With this definition it is obvious that the goal is not sustainable,
but invigoration.  Let me know what you think.  

Sustainable is one side of a continuum, unsustainable the other.  They are
divided by a point in the middle.  At the extremes are devastation and
invigoration.  Sustainable means that the system in question will continue
to function at a level of vitality relative to the degree of benefit or
destruction and disruption caused by one's actions.  Unsustainable means
that the destruction and disruption of one's actions will not allow the
system to continue; the system will progressively degrade, at a speed
relative to the level of destruction and disruption of one's actions, and
at some time cease to function.

I hope this leaves you invigorated ; )

Eric Storm

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