A Raw Food Eco-Village in Spain

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Wed Sep 8 20:39:44 EDT 1999

From: "Hans K" <hkrogset at mindless.com>
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Subject: A Raw Food Eco-Village in Spain
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 23:18:30 +0200

Hoping you'll find the topic interesting, I'm posting the URL below:


The website includes some thoughts around "A Mediterranean Forest Garden
Community." Written by Steve Charter.
A Raw Food Eco-Village is now slowly forming in the Genal Valley, Southern
A few people have already invested in properties in the area and many more
have shown a strong interest.
Inquiries should normally be directed to Steve; steve.charter at virgin.net ,
but as Steve is away in Spain, I can be contacted at hkrogset at mindless.com ,
should you desire to be included in our mailing-list and receive updates as
the project unfolds.

Hans K

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