Water Recycling Technology

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>On Mon, 6 Sep 1999 23:53:09 +0100, "mud" <mlomas at tinet.ie> wrote:
>>I know a couple of people who've put in water turbines recently (both
>>reed-bed clients) and that's very attractive, but much more site-specific.

>I've finally made contact with the alternative waste treatment  expert
>at the state University (the engineering school branch 30 miles away)
>who installed a nice mid-sized system in Chapel Hill for a small
>business. I hope to glean info/URL's/contact info to post here.

Here's the URL for their site:
Water Recycling

Water Recycling Reference Databases on the World Wide Web
(there's an incredible amount of information here)

And more from their links page:
Ocean Arks International

Living Machine at the Findhorn Foundation

Wetland Wastewater Treatment Plant, Arcata, CA

The SWAMP project

Stensund Folk College in Trosa, south of Stockholm, Sweden

Advanced Integrated Pond (AIP) systems, St Helena, California

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