newbie with asthma question

catharine catharine at
Tue Sep 7 01:26:28 EDT 1999

I have just found this site and am not practicing sustainability at this 
time. However,I am very interested in going back to my sustainability roots 
(grew up in Berkeley and northern California.) Also I have some friends in 
this area (Austin, TX) who are trying to practice permaculture. It's a slow 
process of change for me but my biggest problem is having a toddler with 
"reactive airway disease" which used to be called "asthma". I have a fear 
of opening the windows because of pollen and molds. Some government info I 
got suggested that ventillation was the next step after removing the 
allergens. But, if the allergens are coming from our beautiful Hill Country 
oak trees, then what can I do but shut the windows and crank up the a/c? 
Does anyone out there have experience with asthma, allergies and open 
This is no small matter - my child has been hospitalized overnight and we 
have taken several ambulance rides. Neither of my other kids ever had this 
problem. _

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