Reaching Certain Demographics

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Wed Sep 1 01:00:31 EDT 1999

Matthew wrote:
> So again - how are we going to get through to that demographic that i 
> observe every day of my life? - the one with huge disposable income, 
> irresponsible spending habits, the one that advertisers love to reach,
the . . .

Some are more ready to hear a message than others.  Bill Mollison often
said we should not waste our time on those who do not care to listen.
Perhaps these people will be the last we "get through to".  When enough
individuals are thinking the way you are, the money and advertisers will be
right there too.  It may be trendy to be sustainable before the reality and
importance of it sinks in.  I suppose it doesn't really matter how it
happens, as long as it happens, and the sooner the better.  I don't mean to
give up on anybody; I'm sure there are people, perhaps yourself matthew,
who are uniquely suited to talking to this (or any other) group of people.
You heard the message, perhaps there is something there to learn.

> Favourites list of some 200-odd websites, each dedicated and devoted to 
> contributing to this shift in habits

Do you have a web page?   I, for one, would be interested in seeing your

Eric Storm

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