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Skye skye at
Wed Oct 27 20:24:39 EDT 1999

Hola tod at s

Just a quick note to let everyone know that there is now a Permaculture
WEB Page covering what is happening in Mexico - some of it is in spanish
and some in English - maybe you'd like to check it out

And I have also put up the start of a page for those interested in
Participatory Processes - ie for those who feel to work with people,
rather than play the know-it-all-PC-expert. To me this is the People
Care part of our ethics - but I won't get into that rave here - it is
not quite complete - and if anyone wants to add further articles, links
etc let me know - if could build into the Permaculture People (Zone 0)

Thats enough for now

Keep growing

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Talleres de desarrollo humano, planeación participativa y economía

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