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Larry London london at
Mon May 31 21:57:25 EDT 1999

On Mon, 31 May 1999, miekal and wrote:

> a little tidbit...Ive been digging up my ant hills & feeding em to the
> chickens, not permaculture probably but the chickens seems to love em. 
> now what if I were to put a chicken tractor over the hills...we have ant
> hills every 25 ft in every direction in this part of the country.

Ants are mighty little rototillers, as are dung beetles, earthworms, mice
and plant roots. I've seen bermuda grass breaking up pavement on the edges 
of highways - it actually penetrates through thick unbroken asphalt to
emerge smiling at passersby.

I'd recommend giving the ants their space. 

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