>XML? SGML? T-1? etc??

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They are all algorithims for the media of transmissions in

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Subject: >XML? SGML? T-1? etc??

>>Okay, techies, I don't think it's just me missing a bit of this
>>conversation.  What is
>>XML?  SGML?  T-1?  etc??
>it is no permaculture, indeed, some computer stuffs...
>you cannot grow vegetables with that and you have use some machine
>usually connected to nuclear power plant somehow
>it is not compatible with air, water and earth- not compostable
>though SGML is supposed to make text highly recyclable,  but high
>tech/energy demanding
>XML makes internt dynamic, fancy but with out the smell
>T-1 is a connection standard for your computer to the Internet f ex.
>Do not bother about it- the point is that those are technologies that ease
>the diffusion of written information/knowledge on any media.
>SGML is an old standard and pretty heavy so it has not gotten used much in
>the open world, as expected but into internal archiving like
>administrations, govs and the like.
> X.
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