>XML? SGML? T-1? etc??

Xavier Dequaire xavierd at online.no
Thu May 20 16:45:04 EDT 1999

>Okay, techies, I don't think it's just me missing a bit of this
>conversation.  What is
>XML?  SGML?  T-1?  etc??

it is no permaculture, indeed, some computer stuffs...
you cannot grow vegetables with that and you have use some machine
usually connected to nuclear power plant somehow
it is not compatible with air, water and earth- not compostable
though SGML is supposed to make text highly recyclable,  but high
tech/energy demanding
XML makes internt dynamic, fancy but with out the smell
T-1 is a connection standard for your computer to the Internet f ex.

Do not bother about it- the point is that those are technologies that ease
the diffusion of written information/knowledge on any media.

SGML is an old standard and pretty heavy so it has not gotten used much in
the open world, as expected but into internal archiving like
administrations, govs and the like.

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