[permaculture] Re: Pc teacher input on Pc Courses

Kelley amaranth at uninets.net
Thu May 20 10:55:26 EDT 1999

Is it possible instead to offer the course in such a way that payment of the fee is
spread out over time more, as well the learning.  Some folks have mentioned that they
do that type of course and with success.  It is very difficult for many people living
hand-to-mouth to come up with $500-$800 at once, but easier to come up  with smaller
amounts spread over time.  Many herbal apprenticeship courses run nine to twelve months
because so much changes as the seasons change.  I would think different things could
also be taught in PC as the seasons change.  Has anyone tried this type of offering?
Of course, that doesn't solve my location problem, yet.  :-)


Larry London wrote:

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> On Wed, 19 May 1999, eric + michiko wrote:
> > Why can't Pc be less expensive?
> The mainstream PC courses and workshops should not be any less expensive,
> if anything they should cost more to make it possible for teachers to
> continue doing their work the best way possible.
> Alternatives to these courses:
> Collect and read more books and magazines, view more videos,
> use the Internet and your own computer more effectively,
> exchange more information with others (for free; read:
> Free-PC-Info copyright, like the gnu license Thilo mentioned)
> Then:
> Start regular local meetings of folks interested in permaculture
> and keep them going; have events, bring in guest speakers,
> have workshops, visit local farms round-robin-style and brainstorm
> PC solutions for the hosts.
> Then:
> Bring in mainstream PC teachers and pay the price for the course.
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