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Kelley amaranth at uninets.net
Thu May 20 10:49:27 EDT 1999

Okay, techies, I don't think it's just me missing a bit of this conversation.  What is
XML?  SGML?  T-1?  etc??


Larry London wrote:

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> On Wed, 19 May 1999, Thilo Pfennig wrote:
> > But this is not the question. And teachers who get ten times more in pay would
> > not be the solution of the problem, either. An teacher who get nothing paid are
> > also not a solution. This is a structural problem and has one of his roots in
> > the property rights for information. The freedom of information is too
> > expensive for most people.
> > If we manage to distribute our information faster and better as the one of
> > Monsanto or Shell, this may really change things.
> Short of having our own T-1 lines with webservers on them we still have
> access right now providing us with the ability to exchange large
> quantities of info: CD's, tapes, web/ftp sites. The format in which the
> info is delivered needs working on. Hence, SGML, XML via the Web and
> tools for creating CD's with well organized/structured information: text,
> multimedia, interactive features, indexing, searching. CD's with turnkey
> databases (XML?) that we can add our own resources to.
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