Kelley amaranth at uninets.net
Thu May 20 10:43:25 EDT 1999

There was a forward from a fellow about discounts in attending PC courses, discounts
for folks of his organization, of all the topics to come in now, :-).  The Happy99 worm
came to me as a separate email from the same person via the pc list.  I think he was
from Ghana maybe?  Had .gh as part of his email.


Sal wrote:

> what person are you talking about?
> check out a organic growers web page
> http://www.rain.org/~sals/my.html
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> > This person seems to have the happy99 worm on his/her computer.  If you
> > haven't heard of it, don't open the attachment, as you will have it as
> > well.  It's just a worm, though, and seems to just attach itself to any
> > outgoing email messages.  There are a few files on your computer that need
> > to be deleted to get rid of it.  One can find directions for this on the
> > web.  The attachment comes automatically, rarely does the person know
> > he/she has even sent it, so it is no one's fault.  Just dump the files.
> >
> > Kelley
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