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Larry London london at metalab.unc.edu
Thu May 20 09:54:01 EDT 1999

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On Thu, 20 May 1999, Thilo Pfennig wrote:
> On 19-May-99 eric + michiko wrote: > Maybe it keeps coming up because
> it is never properly addressed.  BTW: This could be a question, that
> is answered in Steve Divers introduction or in a new FAQ!?

A new or appended SD PCFAQ may be in order

This FAQ + additional supportive info resources, contributed to by all of
us over time and translated into many languages, could eventually be put
onto CD's for distribution. This could have been used by Skye in Mexico.
One of us with a CD burner could make a number of copies and farm out
the creation of more copies to others with CD burners (perhaps those
could be the ones who translate the FAQ into their native language).

Regarding immediate input from me, I'd be really interested in getting the 
FREE-PC-INFO "non-copyright" license in place and working. We could each
begin collections of PC related resources that are free to the public.

I also will be creating a resource in my permaculture page,
http://metalab.unc.edu/london/permaculture.html, that will contain
html'ized archives of many existing permaculture discussion forums:
this one, permaculture at franklin.oit.unc.edu, the German list perma-l,
the Australian one, PERMA, the Envirolink one permaculture at envirolink.org
and the new permaculture newsgroup alt.permaculture (I plan to implement
bidirectional gating between this list and alt.permaculture as well;
this should increase traffic in both forums, connect more Permies and 
help to further the Permaculture movement). This will be one archive
for all forums, indexed by date, subject and author, easy to reach on the
web and searchable with alll the major search engines on the Web:
http://googol.com, http://dogpile.com (try these two new ones!, googol
doesn't have any advertising), Altavista, Yahoo, etc. If anyone
has any suggestions (+ or -) regarding connecting alt.permaculture (so far
no spam in there) with this list please let me know.

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