[permaculture] Re: Does Permaculture have to be so expensive???

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Wed May 19 10:33:53 EDT 1999


In a message dated 5/18/99 10:45:43 AM, amaranth at uninets.net( Kelley) writes:

<<I don't think that teaching Pc for money is unethical.  But, one of the 
reasons that I feel courses are so high in cost is that for me, I would have 
to travel quite a
distance for a course.  As far as I know, the closest courses are in Nova 
Maryland and Tennessee (except for exceptionally rare courses offered a bit 
Not only is the money a factor, but the time is very difficult for me as 
well.  It's
hard to be gone for a week or more and leave DH with all the home 
responsibilities >>

Very well said Kelley:)  

 I too have similar problems, and concerns. I had planned to attend a Course 
in Ohio...but had to cancel at the last permitted  date due to farm 
plans/obligations. I was really looking forward to that weekend, and the cost 
was much lower than others. I think it was around $250 since the teachers 
were not well known, and the Center is obviously trying to entice like minded 
folk to visit.

Any PC courses coming up in Kentucky?  Best to all.   Frank

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