Does Permaculture have to be so expensive

Thilo Pfennig vinci at
Tue May 18 06:41:05 EDT 1999

On 17-May-99 eric + michiko wrote:

> *Something might be wrong with the way courses are run, if they are
> exhausting and expensive for the teachers and few people are interested in
> attending.

Hi, I think this is a good point. I also understand the costs, but this may
just be a hint, that the courses are not run very economically. 

> Justifying the prices of courses using the ethics of business (market
> value, supply and demand, hourly wage, etc.) does not respond to the
> question of Pc ethics.  Yes, there are other expensive courses.  Yes, there
> will always be some people who can afford a course at any price, but this
> thinking may restrict the flow of information, possibly making Pc elitist
> as someone mentioned.

True, we should come to the point where pc-knowhow can be transfered through
everyday people.

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