Weed & manure teas

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Thu May 13 20:21:22 EDT 1999

Hi Kirk,

In a message dated 5/13/99 11:39:12 AM, permawest at olywa.net writes:

<<I'd like to embark on an extensive fertilizing 
routine using these two nutrient sources>>  Sounds interesting.Please pass on 
any info. Thanks.

<< but want to reduce my learning 
curve relative to how to effectively apply them>>>>  LOL!  I'm always trying 
to do just that but I find it real hard in Permaculture circles...since so 
many folks are selling those services.

I really believe that that is one of the real problems since the very people 
most likely to try and implement same are often just not in a position to pay 
for such services. Somehow it seems we have got to find a way to reach more 
people at less cost. Perhaps a state wide Internet site could be set up for 
discussion, teaching, seminars etc.

I'm moving toKentucky and would love to network with PC'ers there. Any on 
this list.

I've talked to a number of PC folks about helping design my place but the 
travel costs, per diems mount up. I know it's a quandary...like many have 
stated many of these teachers are hard pressed to make a decent living, and I 
know many try to give people value for the money.

I was all set to go to one in Ohio...but due to problems beyond my control 
was not able to go. Drats!

Best to all.  Frank

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