Does Permaculture have to be so expensive???

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Tue May 11 09:04:21 EDT 1999


I agree.  I'm currently taking a correspondence course in permaculture from Australia because there's no way that I
can afford courses in the states.  The Australian course costs about $350, but there is a lot of work/research that
I have to do to make the information fit the area in which I live (Maine).


Marsha Hanzi wrote:

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> > Permaculture Design Course
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> > July 6-20, 1999
> > A two-week course on sustainable design.
> > Held in the beautiful North Cascades.
> Dear Friends of Permaculture-- I have seen course announcements here of some really marvellous courses,
> beautiful places and people-- makes one want to do ALL of them... But they all cost near US$1,000 or even much
> more.  That is such an incredible amount of money ... Is that a normal price for courses in the States?  Does
> one have to be elite to do Permaculture?  Is money so much easier there than here ?  I can imagine the US$1,000
> for a course would be heavy for any middle-class family budget, or am I totally out of it?  Is it so expensive
> to put on a course in the States?  It makes me kind of sad...  Somehow it seems in conflict with the spirit of
> Permaculture, somehow it seems that  if we did Permaculture well, we wouldn't have to charge so much for a
> course...(I am not criticizing nor moralizing.  Am sincerely wondering what factors are involved here.I assume
> that if this price is charged, there was a necessity for it)
>     We have recently lowered our prices from some US$400 ( it varies) to US$185 for the same course...We were
> worried that it was too expensive. (And it was aimed at university-trained level people.  The really poor
> people don't pay anything anyway...)
>     Just  mentioning that this perception of prices has been a bit unsettling to me...
> Marsha
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