Weekend Permaculture Workshop In Iowa

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Sat May 29 12:59:08 EDT 1999

Introduction to Permaculture

June 12 & 13, 1999

Fairfield, Iowa

Fee:  $175; ($125 for Students/low-income); Limited Work Trade
Scholarships available. 

Taught by Michael Lockman with Guest Instructor Lonnie Gamble.

This two-day course will introduce the ethics, principles and
methodologies of permaculture (sustainable ecological design) so you can
understand and apply these methods and skills to your home and community.
 Through a combination of lecture and hands-on learning participants will
learn simple steps to create an integrated home ecosystem designed to
meet their needs.

Topics include: site assessment and environmental analysis, design
principles and methodologies, edible landscaping from herb spirals to
backyard orchards, creating wildlife habitat, roof top water catchment
systems, simple plant propagation, greenhouses for food and heat, energy
saving ideas, and simple solar energy with photovoltaics.

To Register: Send a $50 non-refundable deposit along with your name,
address and phone number to Lonnie Gamble, 1860 Woodland Dr., Fairfield,
IA 52556. Or call 1-888-SUN-ENERGY with any questions regarding logistics
or overnight accommodations.

For questions regarding course content: Please call or email Michael
Lockman, 206-459-7022; michaellockman at juno.com.

Michael Lockman, M.A. is an ecological designer, educator and editor.  He
runs WE-Design, a design firm specializing in urban sustainability,
backyard wildlife habitat, water catchment systems, and land-use
planning.  He currently publishes the Sustainable Living News and was
recently the guest editor for Communities magazine.  He has a Master's
Degree in Whole Systems Design and is a certified Permaculture designer
and teacher.

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