Bill Mollison copyright statement

Thilo Pfennig vinci at
Thu May 27 17:31:32 EDT 1999

On 27-May-99 Scott Pittman wrote:

(Bill Mollison:)
> Agriculture or Sustainable Designs. All such people need to write their own
> curriculum and textbooks and not plagiarize my work nor my illustrations.

If it is free information, people do not give respect to the roots of the
information, but if they produce material themselves they only think about
"their" ownership. It is clearly that Bill has nothing against using his
material if he gets payed for it. So what he is bothering about is, that he gets
not enough money.

I know that our current laws are protecting personal rights very much. On the
other hand people like Bill Mollison were heavily influenced by the natives,
who seldom get payed for the know-how they have worked for many thousands or
tenthousands of years.

I think copyright is just not natural.

Thilo Pfennig 

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