Bill Mollison copyright statement

ForestHaven forhaven at
Fri May 28 01:13:56 EDT 1999

I've never met Bill Mollison, but I have learned much from his books.  I
agree that he has a perfect right to the fruits of his creativity and
labor.  However, his copyright statement really turns me off and I'm not
sure why.  Maybe it's because it sounds more like something that would
be issued by a multi-national corporation than by a man who  supposedly
is trying to change the world for the better.  When I first became
interested in pc, less than a year ago, I inquired of a friend whom I
thought should know something about it.  He told me it was "elitist" and
for "rich people."   I'm beginning to see what he meant.  It's not my
intention to offend anyone here and I'm sorry if I have.

Doug Fields

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