Pc teacher input on Pc Courses

Thilo Pfennig vinci at alternativ.net
Thu May 20 16:27:43 EDT 1999

On 20-May-99 Larry London wrote:
> http://googol.com,

I don´t see where there is a search-engine, looks more like a private homepage!?

>, Altavista, Yahoo, etc. If anyone
> has any suggestions (+ or -) regarding connecting alt.permaculture (so far
> no spam in there) with this list please let me know.

http://www.dmoz.org/ (Open Directory Project). This is a very central address.

See there: http://dmoz.org/Science/Environment/Sustainability/Permaculture/

The editor is Paul Clark (http://dmoz.org/profiles/prc.html). Maybe this is a
good cooperation partner for this project. Larry, you could feed him with a lot
of good URLs!

Thilo Pfennig 

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