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On Wed, 19 May 1999, Thilo Pfennig wrote:
> On 18-May-99 Larry London wrote:
> > On Tue, 18 May 1999, Thilo Pfennig wrote:
> >> True, we should come to the point where pc-knowhow can be transfered through
> >> everyday people.
> >> .... using the Internet and the Web: chat, email, news, webforums, mailing
> > lists, ftp
> > .... printing and mailing good information from home or office
> > .... exchanging massive amounts of information on CD's (cd burners
> > are as cheap as $219, 4X8 speed IDE) and backup tapes (500mb to 8 gigs)
> Ok, this makes it easier distributing information widely. But don´t you think
> there is a difference between HAVING information and understanding/knowing?

If you have information in hand in either hardcopy or electronic format
you nearly have all you need to understand a subject, technology,
hands-on, etc. and be able to make practical use of it. All you have to do
is read, research, learn, take notes, organize info for easy retreival and
utilize. This is a good reason to put together a free online permaculture
course. I do not think this would detract from the livelihoods of
professional PC teachers and consultants. Those who can afford their
services will probably pay their price anyway, and reap the undeniable
benefits. Those who cannot afford this deserve access to free information
in print or on the Web (after paying cost-recovery where necessary).

> If you look at computer-subjects especially in the Linux-sector, there is
> really a LOT of information available. This is GOOD. But this does not mean
> that people allready KNOW (how to get it).
> Where I would love to start is in creating some SGML or XML-sources of good
> pernmaculture-documents. Starting with Steve Divers Introduction for example.

I would like to see an example of SGML and XML.

> SGML, that means having the ability to produce for
> email,news,web,printing and CD-ROM, whatever out of one document. I am
> just a beginner in this field, but it is a good tool. Maybe the most
> important tool since mankind exists. But I do not want to get into the
> details here.

Tell us about XML, Thilo.

This is a large part of the future of information exchange; those involved 
with permaculture should make the best use possible of this amazing

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