Does Permaculture have to be so expensive

Thilo Pfennig vinci at
Tue May 18 18:00:12 EDT 1999

On 18-May-99 Larry London wrote:

> On Tue, 18 May 1999, Thilo Pfennig wrote:
>> True, we should come to the point where pc-knowhow can be transfered through
>> everyday people.
>> -- 
>> .... using the Internet and the Web: chat, email, news, webforums, mailing
> lists, ftp
> .... printing and mailing good information from home or office
> .... exchanging massive amounts of information on CD's (cd burners
> are as cheap as $219, 4X8 speed IDE) and backup tapes (500mb to 8 gigs)

Ok, this makes it easier distributing information widely. But don´t you think
there is a difference between HAVING information and understanding/knowing?

If you look at computer-subjects especially in the Linux-sector, there is
really a LOT of information available. This is GOOD. But this does not mean
that people allready KNOW (how to get it).

Where I would love to start is in creating some SGML or XML-sources of good
pernmaculture-documents. Starting with Steve Divers Introduction for example.
SGML, that means having the ability to produce for email,news,web,printing and
CD-ROM, whatever out of one document. I am just a beginner in this field, but
it is a good tool. Maybe the most important tool since mankind exists. But I do
not want to get into the details here.

Thilo Pfennig 

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