[permaculture] Re: Re: Does Permaculture have to be so expensive???

CtopherP at aol.com CtopherP at aol.com
Mon May 17 10:29:23 EDT 1999

Thanks Toby for bringing out that perspective. Two things I'll reiterate from 
my previous post:

1) Law of return. the user must pay. there is no free lunch.

2) burnout. people who do work for free must be compensated in some other 
way, and significantly. if not, they burnout. seen it too many times.

I mentioned this weekend to some folks who also work in the sustainable ag, 
holistic thinking realm about our conversation regarding the expense of 
permacluture classes. they laughed. they couldn't understand how people could 
expect a quality course for so little money as $1000 for two weeks that 
included food and lodging. their thought was even that was absurdly cheap. 
different perspective.

with regards,
christopher peck
santa fe, new mexico USA

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