[permaculture] Need statistics on transgenic productivity

Marsha Hanzi hanzibra at svn.com.br
Mon May 17 07:53:07 EDT 1999

Dear friends at the list:
    Next week there will be a symposium on trans-genics here in
Salvador, very high-level. This is a key event, as Brazil is exactly at
the point of deciding if trans-genics will be permitted here or not. The
government has been bought by industry , so  we have to have good
arguments which reach the farmers and the consumers- we can count on
absolutely no  official support.  (One of the best arguments, of course,
is that European consumers don't want the stuff!)
    The representative of Greenpeace will be there, armed with data
about the dangers of transmigration of these genes into local crops etc.

    I would like to attack the basic argument : that transgenicas are
more "productive" than organic or even conventional crops.  I understand
that the first data have shown that these genetically modified crops are
in fact LESS productive than the others.
    I need  updated references to such productivity.  Do any of you know
of some site where  I can find  comparative production statistics?  This
is a key  bit of information, as once we have established that, there
will be absolutely no argument left for imposing transgenics on  Brazil.

    Thanks for your help.

Instituto de Permacultura da Bahia

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