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Sun May 16 11:27:00 EDT 1999

Kelley wrote in response to Greg's request for information about pine nuts:
> As to pine nuts, my understanding is that all "nuts" from pine cones
> are edible, it's just that there are few species "worth" eating (ie large
> enough to really get enough flavor).  The pinon pine (tilda over the n)
> is the one that I know of that grows sizeable seeds, but I believe it
> does has a limiting growing environment.  I don't know of others.

I have heard the same about all pines.  But here are some that I read are
"edible".  Pinon or Nut Pine (Pinus edulus - arid),  Singleleaf Pinon Pine
(Pinus monophylia - arid), Digger orGray or Foothill Pine (Pinus
sabiniana-semi arid to Seattle)  I thought the commercially sold pine nut
(Italian?) was from the Italian Stone Pine (Pinus pinea) from southern
Europe and Turkey.  Here's some information from Sunset's Western Garden
Book about Pinus pinea:

This is the pine of Rome and Renaissance paintings
Also the source of pignolias (pine nuts)
Moderate growth to 40-80 feet
Good looking, bushy when young, forming an umbrella shape to flat top when
Needles in 2's, 5 to 8 inches, cones 4 to 6 inches broadly oval
Hardy, takes heat and aridity when established
Old trees hardy in Northwest US, young ones tender
Good in California valleys and on coast
Successful in Tuson, AZ
Excellent in beach gardens, splendid roadside tree

Hope it helps.

Eric Storm
Sebatopol, CA, USA

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