[permaculture] Re: pine nuts

stephan leimroth slimerote at yahoo.com
Sat May 15 18:24:22 EDT 1999

i have very limited experience with growing pine nuts,
but hopefully some info for you:

the pinyon pine (Pinus monophylla) is what grows here
in the cold, dry, usually high, deserts of california.
 they're a slow growing tree in these conditions and
probably need a good freeze in order to produce a good
harvest.  a mature tree produces a good harvest every
four years so (as in buckets and shovel required under
one tree).  
the commercial 'producers' of the nut are probably
taking advantage of the national forests for their

a friend just collected some nuts for eating, and i
saved some to try to grow (for the same use as you).

a search under the bot. name using one of those
comprehensive search engines (eg., dogpile.com or
metacrawler.com) should yield some more info.  the
California Native Plant Society would also be a good
source. (there must be at least one person in the
group there who has a thing for that species.)

good luck.


ps. post another message in a couple of months and
i'll tell you if any seeds managed to germinate.

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