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(Interesting PC links here)
glw at globalnet.co.uk (Graham Willers):
Also you may want to check out the UK Forestry Commision's web page.
They have a lot of 'Guidelines' that you can download as apf(?) files.
I am not sure of the address but a search on Alta Vista sould find it
easy enough.
They are the most succinctly worded sylvicultural guides that I know
and will give you a good basic idea of how to start.
Of course they are geared to the UK but most of the principles will
hold true to your area.

Here's the UK FC link plus a few other useful ones:
(found on Altavista)

Forestry Commission of Great Britain official Web site

The Woodland Trust (UK)

The Unit of Vegetation Science   Lancaster University, U.K.

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