[permaculture] Help Larry London - Computer crisis

Steve Diver steved at ncatark.uark.edu
Tue May 11 15:48:59 EDT 1999

Permaculture List, 

For many years we have enjoyed the benefit of this Permaculture 
List due to the efforts of Larry London.  

Larry earns a meager living as a market gardener in North Carolina, 
yet he has spent enormous amounts of his own time working on
the Sunsite computer system setting up email lists and 
archiving ecological agriculture information. 

He has single handedly done more for electronic communication
in permaculture and related topics than probably anybody else 
in the world.  

He does this from his home computer, with a connection
to the university computer system. However, just recently 
his computer crashed.  Kaput! 

If you are so inclined to send $10, $20, $50, $100 to Larry
so he can buy a new computer system and keep up with the
heavy demand, here are his coordinates: 

Larry London 
7119 Old Greensboro Road
Chapel Hill, NC  27516
llondon at bellsouth.net 
london at metalab.unc.edu 

To me, this is just part of modern living.  Chip in some cash
for the main computer guy in permaculture.  

Thanks ya'll, 

Steve Diver
Permaculture Volunteer 

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