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Sun May 9 11:49:31 EDT 1999

	If you're planning to build a grape or kiwi arbor I would highly encourage 
to consider using materials that will endure for the long term.  Grapes and 
kiwis can live well up to 100 years and grow to massive proportions putting 
on hundreds of pounds of food annually.  Personally, I wouldn't use any 
type of organic material for the trellis; no wood, no bamboo, etc.  They 
may last 10-20 years but inevitably they will lose integrity and collapse. 
 Nothing nastier than trying to put a trellis back up under an enormous 
vining plant.  I would opt for metal myself.  2" galvanized pipe and/or 
welded angle iron can be made to look elegant if you turn an artistic eye 
towards the design.
	Just a thought...

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