[permaculture] Re: Hardy Kiwi

Martha Ruth Hills (MelbPC) mrhills at melbpc.org.au
Tue May 4 17:34:08 EDT 1999

Dear Friends,

I've seen a kiwi fruit variety growing in New Hampshire, US.  A 
typical trellis worked fine.  The amount of shade would partly 
depend on the dimensions of the trellis top.  The vine's fruit 
was tiny, but delicious.

Onward, MR

Martha Ruth Hills

Our life is more than our work and our work is more
than our job.

PS.  I've seen some two-legged hardy kiwis that 
take pretty good care of themselves.

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>>I was thinking of starting to grow hardy kiwi. Does anyone have any
>>experience with thim, such as how big of a trellis would I need. Also, is
>>there enough shade to grow a shade lover such as ginseng. How much
>>maintenence is needed. Thanks in advance for your answers. Rick

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