China: permaculture project workers, train-the-trainers sought for Southern China (fwd)

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Do you mean you are looking for people interested in working in southern
china ?   i worked last year in el salvador helping to develop a
permaculture community school.  this was participatory development in
action.  i would be very interested in hearing more about this project!
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>Subject: China: permaculture project workers,
>     train-the-trainers sought for Southern China
>Expressions of Interest sought for paid positions in Southern China as
>Permaculture project workers and train-the-trainers.  Knowledge of
>participatory development techniques required.
>Adam Tiller
>Asia-Pacific Unit
>Australian Conservation Foundation
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>The "Handpump example" of need for participatory techniques in PNG.
>An Introduction to Participatory Techniques
>by Rachel Hinton and David Young
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>Training Techniques
>A six-day, 12-session curriculum for conducting a workshop on participatory
>training techniques. This manual prepares trainers to use interactive,
>learner-centered methods and to design, implement and evaluate
>participatory, competency-based training. Adult educators, community
>organizations, groups working with youth and organizations that wish to
>strengthen in-house training skills will find this manual practical,
>effective and easy to use.
>Project Design for Program Managers: Conducting a Workshop on Planning
>Community-Based Projects
>A six-day, 11-session curriculum to train project managers to design
>community-based projects. Project design is approached as an ongoing process
>within an organization, encompassing needs assessment, problem
>identification, development and implementation of solutions, monitoring and
>outcome assessment.  Applicable to all sectors.
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